Debbie Turner, founder and executive director, and her team of volunteers passionately dedicate themselves to fulfilling the Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center’s mission: to diminish or eliminate the suffering of cancer survivors, children, families, and caregivers through community involvement and resources – to establish and maintain hope. The Center provides a variety of programs and services – entirely free of charge - so that you don’t ever have to feel alone in this fight.


The Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center provides free digital screening mammograms to women in the Central Florida region each year. Because of the generous doctors at Florida Cancer Specialists, the Center also arranges for any necessary follow up consultations and treatment for positive findings, regardless of ability to pay.

In 2016, the Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center, in partnership with Emery Medical Solutions and Florida Cancer Specialists provided 712 mammograms, resulting in 229 follow-up consultations and 81 treatments.


The Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center transports clients to treatment, grocery stores, and pharmacies for their treatment-related needs. In 2016, volunteers provided clients with 735 rides, totaling over 66,000 miles.


The Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center provides weekly support groups for women, men, and kids affected by cancer. In addition to psychosocial support and relief, the Center educates and empowers clients to eat healthy and quit smoking. In addition to group support, the Center has access to a licensed psychologist who offers family and grief counseling services.

In 2016, 1089 women, 135 men, and 218 children participated in support groups. Additionally, the Center’s licensed psychologist provided over 100 family and grief counseling sessions.

Prosthetics, Wigs, Scarves, Hats:

The Center believes that anyone affected by cancer should be able to look and feel good. We provide access to items that help survivors maintain comfort and build hope for the future. We have a large selection of post-mastectomy prosthesis and breast forms, as well as mastectomy bras. Additionally, we offer wigs, hats, scarves, and make-up, and can bring in a stylist to help you look and feel your best.

Food and Toiletries:
Cancer often strains financial resources of individuals and families, making it difficult to afford everyday items such as food, toiletries, and clothing. The Center offers a food pantry, and toiletry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo/conditioner.

In 2016, the Center gave out 6,471 food and toiletry items to those affected by cancer in the Central Florida area.

Community Outreach/Health Fairs:

As a grass-roots nonprofit rooted in the Central Florida region, the Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center establishes and maintains relationships with community members and medical professionals, educates and empowers individuals to seek out early detection, and reduces or removes barriers that interfere with appropriate cancer and health screening recommendations and necessary treatments.

The Center educates hundreds of people each year as an active participant in health fairs held across the Central Florida region. Additionally, the Center hosts its Annual Community Health Fair during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In addition to providing a multitude of health screenings and services, the Center pays for hundreds of women to receive free mammograms.

Computer Lab/Library:

The Center has a full-service computer lab with internet access and printers, and a library full of books, videos, and magazines. Children and families can access the computer lab to complete assignments and communicate with loved ones.

Kids Services, Computer Lab, and Playroom:

The Center believes that all children are entitled to a safe spot when cancer strikes. The Center offers a variety of programs and services to help children hold on to a sense of normalcy and hope during a difficult time:

Playroom – The Center created a safe space full of books, art supplies, and toys. Children of all ages can play, complete homework, or just hang out.
Kids Camp – The Center sends some children to camp each summer, where they can maintain a sense of normalcy in an otherwise difficult time.
Visitation – Debbie and/or volunteers visit and take stuffed animals to hospitals and treatment centers when children are too sick to make it to the Center.
Prom/Homecoming – The Center strives to provide dresses and formal apparel to kids whose families can’t afford it.