I teach 4th grade at Freedom Elementary


My name is Heather Allen and I teach 4th grade at Freedom Elementary in DeLand.  Staci Graves a parent of mine was eager to let us know you are able to help with our donation and fundraising for a dear family at our school.  Thank you again!! This to me is what the holiday spirit is all about.  It warms my heart to know exactly who our efforts are supporting rather than donating to a charity and never knowing how the funds help or where they go..

Thank you from the entire Freedom Elementary family!!


Our Schoolway Café manager, Michelle Rouillier, and her family have received some very sad news recently. Michelle’s 11-month-old grandson, Kevin, has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is currently undergoing treatment at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. The family has been devastated emotionally and financially.

Please let us know how to proceed forward and what information you need from me to help in our efforts to donate to this sweet family!

Heather Allen

4th Grade Teacher

Freedom Elementary

Angel tree

The Angel Tree is at Pastavinos, Apopka

Please help us help.

Thank you & Have a Merry Christmas!


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