Congratulations on increased services from last year of 35%

Debbie Turner,

Congratulations on increased services from last year of 35%. I’m not surprised, your professionalism, personality and staff treated our family like we were your own family.

You all have the knowledge, skills and resources to assist cancer patients with compassion and free services.

Your right, you hope you never have to use your services but it happened to our family. My Mom (Harriett Cable) with rare liver cancer and myself with breast cancer. Sadly my Mom passed 4-3-2016 but I’m blessed to be here and can share our experiences with your Cancer Center. We were very thankful your services were available.

When you walk away from Debbie Turner’s Cancer Care & Resource Center you leave with a smile and Thank God for the services you continue to provide. Keep up the outstanding services you offer.

God bless you and your volunteers (staff). ❤

Carrie Woodruff

I teach 4th grade at Freedom Elementary


My name is Heather Allen and I teach 4th grade at Freedom Elementary in DeLand.  Staci Graves a parent of mine was eager to let us know you are able to help with our donation and fundraising for a dear family at our school.  Thank you again!! This to me is what the holiday spirit is all about.  It warms my heart to know exactly who our efforts are supporting rather than donating to a charity and never knowing how the funds help or where they go..

Thank you from the entire Freedom Elementary family!!


Our Schoolway Café manager, Michelle Rouillier, and her family have received some very sad news recently. Michelle’s 11-month-old grandson, Kevin, has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is currently undergoing treatment at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. The family has been devastated emotionally and financially.

Please let us know how to proceed forward and what information you need from me to help in our efforts to donate to this sweet family!

Heather Allen

4th Grade Teacher

Freedom Elementary

Angel tree

The Angel Tree is at Pastavinos, Apopka

Please help us help.

Thank you & Have a Merry Christmas!


What an Amazing experience

What an Amazing experience of LOVE & Support & Care & Humanity  Debbie is an Amazing lady and also a friend  The kindness of the Volunteers is also Amazing! God Bless Debbie Turner and her Volunteers for the LOVE & Support & the unending caring and giving of themselves to help those in need! I Love you all!  Thank-you & GOD Bless!

Thanks goes out to Steve and Pam Jennelle

Thanks goes out to Steve Jennelle and Pam Jennelle for all the food that they gave for the Cancer families for Thanksgiving

A great big thanks goes to Ronnie Enfinger Services for buying Turkeys so that all our Cancer families will have a great and blessed holiday.

Debbie Turner you are an amazing woman. You help so many of us in many different ways. I hope to be able to repay one day. We luv u and thank you for making my families Christmas and Thanksgiving.??

 Lisa Turner

Debbie you do so much for the community

Keep up the awesome work you do.

You have touched many lives including our family. We lost my Mom to a rare live cancer last year as you know, my family was so glad you got to know my Mom ( Harriett Cable)and your staff always made my Mom’s day when we visited your Cancer Care Center in Apopka. God bless you and your staff/ volunteers


Dear Debbie, Thank you

Thank you and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I am most grateful to you and the women that help you. Thank you for allowing me to exchange the two bra’s I got from Florida Hospital. The two I gave to JoAnn are really nice but they didn’t fit me. I only wore each of them one time. I am loving the bra’s JoAnn gave me and they hook in the front. Yayyy Also now I can wear the other two bra’s properly since you allowed me to get the size 10 prosthesis that I needed .

Again Thank You A MILLION times. Between my husband Dave and I we have been living at doctor’s offices etc. Dave was suppose to have surgery tomorrow but 4 days ago they called and changed it to a later date. It might take awhile until Dave and I are both finished with the surgeries we need but when we are, I am still planning on coming to help at your Cancer Care Center. I am grateful for everything you have done for me.

I would like to send you a donation from time to time. How do I make the check out and what address should I send it to? Take care and God bless


Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, vendors and community for a great community health fair.
Thanks to all who helped out with Breast Fest.

A great big thanks goes to Maitland Presbyterian Church for all your love and support.

Another great Health Fair for the month of Oct.


I am very blessed and I thank my volunteers

I’m so tired but have to give a Rave to the volunteers to help me today as you all prepare for the hurricane you have to remember that are local cancer family couldn’t even think about in an extra case of water my volunteers help me deliver 85 bags of sand 60 cases of water extra medicine and three carloads of food to our local family it’s a lot of work we have a hundred eighty five families in the center that need help but I am very blessed and I thank my volunteers.


Debbie Turner