The 3rd Annual Debbie Turner Cancer Center Gala

The 3rd annual Debbie Turner cancer center Gala was a great success!

Tonight was a pretty amazing night! We were able to raise thousands of dollars for Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource center! Thank you everyone for coming out and donating.

What a great event and it will keep getting bigger and better every year! 

Thank you for all your love and support.

I just wanted to say that I had a great time at the Gala. It was good to see some faces that I have not seen for a long time. The venue was nice, the music was great, the food was warm & tasty, but the best of all was the people that were there. It looks like this may be the best gala to date. As you all know the goal is to do a little better each year and I do believe we have achieved that. Once again thank you to everyone that helps support this wonderful organization. Kenneth Graves

I have a very special request

Good morning everyone. I have a very special request from the Debbie Turner cancer center. We have been in business 10 years now and served over 6000 families, our services have outgrown our ability to provide complete free services.

We are in need of 10 to 15 businesses or individuals to make a commitment to the Debbie Turner cancer center Of a 1000 to $5000 on a yearly basis. This will help to continue to provide free services for our cancer families and children. The need is in great demand and the center has to make some decisions if we don’t get the support. Thank you for your love and support.

It’s so Nice

It is so nice when I go out and see someone that the Cancer Center has helped and they’re still doing good and enjoying life, I’m so blessed by my volunteers and everyone who supports us!

I want to give a big thanks

I want to give a big thanks to Run Away Country Super Fans that visited the my apartment bar all weekend. It was so nice to see the same faces and to get to know you. Thanks for all the donations and we willl see you next year.

What a Beautiful Place

Katie, Riley and I dropped off donations to the cancer center this morning! What a beautiful place.

A great big Thanks goes to Kyle and Mysteri for your help and donation for our cancer kids.