Photo Gallery

We Care Apopka!

Block Party 2014

 This is Apopka Police Chief Robert Manley Who raised funds for the center during

the month of Oct for the center and the City of Apopka matched the funds



 This is the fundraiser that the Apopka Elks lodge did for us

 This is “Chrash” John Barnet cutting his hair to donate it to help make kids wigs who have cancer. Thanks to J Sterling Sloan for all the support

Thanks to Zumba of Apopka for helping out the center

 This is the State of Florida Public Citizen Award I received Thanks goes out to Laura Sterling

The Health Fair

These are pictures from Argos Family Dinner. They raised money by selling PINK RIBBIONS in Oct to help the center out.
Thanks for doing this for us…

 Theses are the pictures from the FREE MAMMOGRAMS

Theses are the pictures from the Christmas Parade in Apopka, Fl

Christmas Party 2014