Hi, Debbie! You do not know me

Hi, Debbie! You do not know me, however I feel like I know you & your husband, Tom. I was just going to continue praying for you guys in secret however right now I feel like scouting from the roof tops….thank you God for once again being there with Tom & bringing him through this latest set back with his cancer. Anyone who is a Christian knows if you don’t know the person or persons you are praying for it’s O.K. because God knows who they are & that’s all that really matters. I have been a member of the Apopka “Rants & Raves” sight for a while now. That’s where I originally learned about your cancer center in Apopka. I love that sight, it is so informative. Anyway, it may seem like I’m rambling but hopefully you will know at the end that I am not some fruitcake. For some reason, I felt a strong attachment to you & Tom as I started hearing about his journey with cancer. I have followed every post since last year when he went in the hospital. I loved how you kept us all so well informed & I wondered how in the world you were able to be with him, be his messenger, run your own business, etc. You are quite an “Angel” yourself, you have done what every wife would do if it were her own husband or loved one. We just do what we have to do & rest & cry later. I was devastated when I recently saw him, much lighter in weight & frail than the pictures I’d seen before & getting ready to return to the hospital. Please tell him, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey. I would love to meet both of you when he feels better & I know he will because our God is an awesome God… Thanks Linda Hall

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