These are 2 wonderful kids…

These are 2 wonderful kids that need you all to continue to support this cancer center

As we kick off the month of September

,,,everyone should know it’s Childhood cancer awareness! Thank you to Kohl’s for putting together candy bag posters of encouragement and books for our kids, our children in our local area. Thank you to kristi who is a great volunteer for setting this up for the kids. Thanks again to Kohl’s, we could not do any of the free services we do without people like you in our community.

You are gone but not forgotten

All the joy and love you brought to the cancer families at the center is not replaceable, your love and strength for many in this community gave them hope. Thank you for your love and support. Rest in Peace Fran…Debbies memorial

Another Very Happy Client

…she came in in tears and now look at that beautiful smile!

Thank you for great Training

¬†…from the American Breast Care on fittings.

This helps the center show this community that we are committed to you and are here to stay. They are doing a volunteer training at the center September 29th at 9 o’clock.¬†Everyone is welcome to join us!Event Thanks

Back-to-school bash at the bridges Center

Back-to-school bash at the bridges Center. Thank you Bryan Nelson for your great love and support for this community!

This is my new little hero

This is my new little hero. He sets a great example for the world. We are at the John Bridges Center for the back-to-school bash and he put his change from his pocket in the donation jar and then reach back in and put the dollar he had saved for a soda in there. When cancer has directly affected you, his last dollar can make a difference. He is a hero!

A donator

The Longwood Fire Dept is selling T-Shirts

The Longwood Fire Deparmentt is selling T-Shirts for a cure…

The proceeded going to the center. If you would like to buy one and show your support please message me or email the Fire Marshal which her email is on this form. Thanks for your love and support!

Click the image below to order yours!